Advocate work in the making

Case Management Associates LLC Diabetes Wellness Center was founded by two advanced practice nurses, Kimberly A. Ketter AGNP-C, CDE, and Shaun M. Rivers MSN, RN ADCNS who have a passion for diabetes education and community health. Located in Petersburg, VA, it is a state-of-the-art wellness center with the goal of providing comprehensive holistic care for persons living with diabetes by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.
We take pride in not only assisting these patients by offering aggressive diabetes management but also providing community resources to assist them in meeting their day-to-day medical, spiritual, and social/economic needs. Hope with a Vizion is one of those organizations that has been instrumental in assisting us with meeting the needs of our sight-impaired patients.
Mr. David Moore is one of those individuals. In addition to living with the day-to-day struggles of managing his diabetes, he is also sight impaired. He has visual loss due to a disease called Ocular Sarcoidosis. Part of Mr. Moore’s struggle was that he was not coping well with his disability, therefore his diabetes was not controlled. He relied heavily on his wife and others for much of his activities of daily living including dosing and administering his daily insulin. After an in-depth conversation with Mr. Moore, we discovered that for us to better manage his diabetes, he must accept his limitations yet be able to function more independently. Hope with a Vizion was that vehicle to assist us and Mr. Moore in obtaining that goal. Case Management Associates put Mr. Moore in contact with Hope with a Vizion’s Regina Hall and Rhonda Lewis-Brown and they began to work with him to formulate a plan of care.  Hope with a Vizion’s assessment concluded that Mr. Moore had been depressed since he lost his sight and was grieving his loss of independence.
Today, because of the work and efforts of Hope with a Vizion, Mr. Moore is in contact with the Virginia Rehab Center for The Blind and Vision Impaired where he will be re-assessed for self-management and independent living skills. Mr. Moore has become more independent and self-reliant. His outlook on life is more positive and because of the collaborative efforts between Case Management Associates LLC and Hope with a Vizion, his diabetes is better controlled.