Feeding Atlanta’s Homeless Men On Father’s Day

Bowlegged Lou‘s organization, Hope With A Vizion, in collaboration with Honor Thy Father INC., C.L. = Caring and Loving OrganizationJust4Us Atlanta INC., Potter’s House Transitional Center, and Global Humanitarian Efforts just fed the homeless from the Atlanta Mission: The Shepard Inn Men’s Shelter and several other shelters in metro Atlanta. They delivered meals and snack bags. They personally fed over 100 homeless men, many of whom are fathers.

Folks were so appreciative as they thanked Katrina Dawson of Hope With A Vizion (Raising awareness of the visually impaired), Casandra McAllister of C.L = Caring and Loving Organization, and Angela Showell of Just4Us Atlanta INC. for the prepping and the cooking of the meals, and the other organizations for the deliveries to the various homeless shelters in Atlanta.

Bowlegged Lou says that his cousin Katrina Dawson has always been the love and peace ambassador of his late father’s side of the family. Lou says, “I call her Katrina Luther Queen, a follower of Martin Luther King, because of her lady of peace, no drama nature. A lot of folks around Katrina, including myself, can have our moments of stress craziness, but Katrina is the calming stabilizer even though she goes through her own personal scenarios like most of us.”

Her two beloved friends Cassandra McAllister and Angela Showell are just as much like superwomen as Katrina since the three of them did all of the cooking and preparation of the meals.

Along with some of their staff members, they went out and delivered the meals personally to many who had tears in their eyes of appreciation. Cassandra herself wanted to do this in honor of her son that committed suicide. Katrina, Cassandra, and Angela worked tirelessly in the kitchen as their spiritual battle cry was, “We are going to burn the midnight oil for the love of God.”

Lou and other members of the Hope With a Vizion crew, president Regina Hall, vice president Charmin Anderson, and advocate Rhonda Lewis, all supported and worked behind the scenes as Katrina’s angels and other helpers rocked the house with their collaborative alignment for the assignment to help the homeless on Father’s Day. It was all their idea from the outset. God bless them.

Due to COVID-19, these organizations united as a collective to provide a special Father’s Day during this tough time. These efforts will not be just a one-time deal. Katrina, Cassandra, and Angela will plan other engagements to assist the homeless population in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lou adds, “My dad, who is also Katrina’s uncle Lucien George Sr., was buried last week on Monday and he is smiling down from heaven while being proud and thankful for everybody’s efforts.”

Happy Father’s Day, every day, to all of the fathers everywhere on earth and in heaven.

Original post created by Fisher Jack for Lee Bailey’s EURweb
Content edited by Hope With a Vizion

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